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A deadly virus. A group of teenagers trapped in the mountains.
Their survival depends on each other.

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Seventeen-year-old Jess Maddox leaves home excited and hopeful, certain the leadership camp she’s about to join will change her life forever. And she’s right.

When a deadly virus outbreak makes the world too dangerous to return to, Jess and the other students are forced to flee to the mountains. As they learn to survive in the wilderness and live together as a community, Jess finds herself drawn to two of her friends. Torn by her feelings for both of them, she needs to make a choice, knowing it could damage the harmony of their group.

As their community prepares for the onset of winter, Jess and her friends are faced with a new threat, and soon realise that the virus isn’t the most dangerous thing out there.

Can Jess save her friends before it’s too late? Or will she lose everything in their attempt to survive?

Struggling in the aftermath of the devastating attack on the Fortune Falls community, Jess fears history will repeat itself when a new group of survivors arrive. With supplies stretched thin, their only hope is to send an expedition far from the safety of the plateau.


Jess joins a team on a perilous journey to find out if other communities have survived. Determined to go with her, Matt and Ethan have to find a way to put aside their growing rivalry, adding further tension to an already volatile situation.


Can the group find the supplies their community needs? Or will the success of their mission be the least of their worries?


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Taken captive and held against their will, Jess and her friends are forced to live amongst their enemy. Witnessing their captors’ brutality first hand, they will do whatever it takes to protect each other, knowing discovery of their secret means certain death.  

Can they keep each other safe long enough to find a way to escape? Or will their secret seal their fate?

With the fate of their captive friends hanging in the balance, Jess and her companions are thrust into an impossible predicament. To secure their freedom, they must make a harrowing sacrifice—one that could tear their bonds apart.

As the Guardians tighten their grip on power, Jess and her friends find themselves navigating treacherous alliances. Trust becomes an elusive commodity, forcing them to question the motives of those who claim to be on their side. With the stakes higher than ever, one wrong move could cost them everything.

Will Jess and her companions find the strength to overcome their doubts and stand united against their common enemy? Or will betrayal lurk in the shadows, leaving them vulnerable to the merciless forces that seek their downfall?

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In the wake of a devastating accident that gravely injures one of their students, Ethan and Skye are thrust into a race against time. But as they rush from their isolated mountain camp to hospital, they return to a world utterly transformed. Homes abandoned, towns deserted, and a state under military lockdown.

With a deadly virus spreading and the state under martial law, Ethan and Skye find themselves at a crossroads. Flee to the border in search of sanctuary, or sacrifice their only chance of refuge in order to warn their friends.

Stranded with only each other to rely on, Ethan and Skye must navigate a virus-ravaged land. A journey filled with peril, eluding military patrols and marauding bands of looters, as well as the greatest threat that faces them all. The infected.

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